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  1. So I pulled the cover off that exposes the lever at the end of the reverse cable and it was all caked with hard mud, dry grass and all sorts of junk, cleaned all that stuff out and made a small adjustment to the reverse cable and now it seems to be working! ๐Ÿ˜ I am happy that it was an easy fix... for now at least. Thank you both for making the effort to help me out!
  2. Thank you for your reply Jacob, much appreciated. I will check that out, it would be a huge relief if it is something that simple so I will keep my fingers crossed. I will post back soon. Thanks again.
  3. Thank you yet again Frank for taking the time to help. I will have to tear into this as soon as I have enough time to dedicate to it, it sounds like one of those jobs where if you stop and come back to it later you will have forgotten where things go. I am sure I will be back with more questions to get me through this process. I cant thank you enough for your assistance buddy.
  4. OK so I unplugged the green wire and the neutral light did go off. When I reconnected it with the key in the on position there was an audible click from the relay on the battery box is that normal? I assume that the oil needs to be drained before pulling the cover, is that correct? Thanks again for your help.
  5. That is a really helpful explanation, thank you very much! It looks like I have a lot of work heading my way with this bike.
  6. Thank you Frank, your help and knowledge is truly appreciated. I feared that it would be a big job. I will try as you suggest and disconnect the green wire and post back with the result. Thanks!
  7. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to give this issue a good looking at today but I had a quick look and now the issue has completely changed to where the bike is stuck in neutral which has really confused me now ๐Ÿค” The shifter feels like its shifting but the neutral light stays on?
  8. Wow, thanks Frank for taking the time to post such a detailed reply that is really going to help me out a lot. I am not 100% on the year but I think it's around '95. The knob still feels spring loaded but possibly not as strong as it was. I will have a look at the things you have suggested tomorrow and post back with what I find. Thanks again for your help.
  9. Hi guys, I am hoping someone might be able to help me out. My Kawasaki 300 4x4 has an issue where it doesn't seem to want to go into neutral and also it will shift into reverse without using the lockout knob. If anyone can suggest what to look at it would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Thank you Frank, much appreciated!
  11. Yes, they have certainly been neglected but it makes for a fun project ๐Ÿ˜ Correct it is a 300, I hope to have it in riding condition in the near future so wish me luck with that!
  12. Hi guys, Here are the bikes as I received them, sorry it took a while to post back with the photos.
  13. Thank you for the welcome! Both bikes are on the rough side, the 4x4 had been sat outside for a very long time, lots of surface rust and flaking powder coat, dry rotted tyres etc but it really hasn't been hacked about. I cleaned and rebuilt the carb, went through all electrical connections and cleaned them, put a new fuel petcock on the tank, new oil and filter, new spark plug chucked a battery on it and it fired right up. I need to go through the brakes next. I haven't spent much time on the 4x2 as I have only had it a couple of days. It is missing a few key parts like the fuel tank, gear selection pedal, cam cover etc. I will try and post some pics in the next few days. Thanks again!
  14. Hi folks, New member here and new to the world of quad bikes. I have recently picked up 2 machines as projects to tinker with, a Kawasaki KLF300C 4x4 and a KLF300B 2WD. I am sure I will learn a lot for the forum ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

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