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  1. @Tru-hue nc thank you! Any suggestion on a good trail starting point?
  2. @Tru-hue nc That definitely sounds right up my alley. We actually live in Pinehurst not to far away and have been out to uwharrie a few times hiking. I heard you can ride out there but I wasnt sure where the actual ATV trail begins
  3. Looking for trail riding in the NC area. Also keep hearing about lots of trails in WV which would not be a bad ride. Any way to meet local riders on this forum?
  4. Not far away from you. Located in pinehurst. We should definitely make this happen
  5. Not sure but love the footrest. Wish the best of luck and hopefully you are able to bring us along this journey of a project!
  6. Hey yall, new to this community and glad to be here. Hopefully will learn a lot from you all
  7. Also, welcome to the forums im new myself
  8. May be reaching out in regards to the recon!
  9. Any recommendations? Seen a few parks but not really sold on one in particular yet
  10. First time ATV owner so quite a few questions and i know you guys are alot more knowledgable than I. Picked up a 02 vinson and it has been sitting for a few years. Replaced the battery, oil and filter, cleaned the carb and put in an inline fuel filter. It started up like a champ. Was curious 1. What other maintenance would you guys recommend before taking this on a ride and 2. Im waiting to replace the different fluid but not sure what this model calls for on front or rear differentials. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  11. Had the same issue as well. Petcock needs replacing and itl be back to normal

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