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  1. Well I've had 6 400ex with some stuff done to them they great trail 4 wheeler but they weak get a 06 up 450 with right rejjeting slip on and re gearing 450 way better wider and longer more stable have a 2014 love it
  2. 2014 Honda trx 450er . Lots of west Virginia rides.
  3. Pipe and jet kit and reeds work good . Got to get jetting right.
  4. What is the best gearing for the 2014 trx450 ER for everyday riding?
  5. Have some hills and trails around here not all close together but we live in BFE about 20 minutes from uwharrie
  6. Trail are ok but very rocky and have to dodge Jeep's they are everywhere
  7. Most places u just buy a pass it's like 5 for the day in West Virginia one place called outlaw trails is free Hatfield and McCoy trails u have to pay. Where are u located ?
  8. Got all these hill 3 minutes away from the house and have a 18 acre pasture to ride in also. One has never been climbed but twice by dirt bikes
  9. Hard to find people to ride with around my house .
  10. There is uwharrie rocky but decent trails. There is a place in laurinberg one in black mountain Carolina adventure world depends on what u want to do hill climb mud or trails .

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