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  1. Yeah, I will search the forum so I could help somebody maybe and rack up those 10 comments so I could download it.
  2. Well, I tried baking the CDI on 200 for about 40mins and still no spark. Tested the plug wire and boot, and both have continuity. Does anyone maybe know what ohm reading I sould be getting on pickup coil? I don't have manuals so don't know exact numbers.
  3. Hey, thanks for answering. I have two CDI's and nothing changes when switching between them(could be that both are bad). I will try baking one tomorrow and get back to you when I try it. Only thing I'm confused about is that wire coloring is different before connectors to CDI and on the CDI itself. But maybe its okay nonetheless.
  4. Hello, I have read many forum topics on this matter but have never found a similar problem. So i bought a cheap ass quad thats got all sorts of parts on it. It's a 1997(if you look the date on frame) Kawasaki KLF(Bayou) 300 EUROPEAN Model (atleast I think, since I'm from Europe), the engine is 1988 if I'm not mistaken and the CDI is 1995.-2006. ( 21119-1447, 6pin ). My problem is that I don't have spark. I would diagnose the issue but connectors from CDI to wiring harness have almost all different colors and I'm not sure if they are connected correctly (pictures below). Pickup coil is put

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