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  1. What is the uf rating on capicitor? What were the results of your test with dvom? Sounds like you missed something when testing capacitor. 8 volts seems low. Remember, check wire going from cdi to coil. Just because it has continuity, does not mean it can carry full current.
  2. I cant6say for sure without viewing specs, but, the pick up coil resistance appears a little high. Check the voltage and current on that as well. Also check the air gap on pick up.
  3. Sounds like you have the wires connected backwards. Recheck the wiring diagram.
  4. You can test the CDI for a short by using dvom to test between gound pin and the other pins. If there is continuity, the CDI is shorting to ground. Also, unhook the kill wire and then check for spark before buying new CDI.
  5. Continue checking fuses sir, then make sure ground cable is not loose where it is mounted to the engine. Then start by checking power at solenoid, relays, and switches.
  6. Try disconnecting kill wire from CDI and see if you have spark, helps identify short farther up the circuit. No spark requires a good understanding and plenty of circuit testing before buying parts.
  7. Remember, as Tom specified, a regular dvom cannot detect insulation breakdown under high voltage. The test I recommended only identifies a short within CDI. Basically, if you have power at yellow and red and your coil has specified resistance (listed in manual) THE CDI is bad. In short, if components on either side of CDI are good and no spark, CDI is at fault.
  8. Ok, so the G/W wire goes to primary side of coil. Answer to the original post is.....yes. Once again, I would check for continuity between the two ground pins and the other 4 pins to verify short in CDI before replacement.
  9. Not sure Boss, the manual listed above clearly shows a CDI. No time to investigate...
  10. I agree based on the information provided. It does not appear to be a CDI issue. More then likely trigger ir short.
  11. I built them for 12 years and they can be tested. The choice is yours, follow simple instructions and you will be fine.
  12. The CDI can be tested for a short by checking continuity between the 2 ground pins (if it is a 6 prong) and the other pins. If you have continuity, the coil in CDI has a short. Also, check the trigger coil, both of you....
  13. Check for reverse safety switch on your model in manual. Most likely short to ground, kills the spark.

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