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  1. A thanks to all who gave me advice on what to try. I unhooked the battery over night and it reset it self. I rode for a few hours yesterday without a problem! Thanks, Ed
  2. Thanks all for the advice. I have it up at a cabin I have in Pennsylvania, so I can only check on it on the weekends. I plan to go up this weekend and try all the fixes out. I did not check the acc. port as Mike suggested, but it is the same problem I'm having. the back light will light but nothing else. I did check the fuse, but I will recheck it and also disconnect for a night. I will let you guys know how I make out.....also if anybody else knows of anything let me know... Thanks, Ed
  3. Thanks, I'll give it a try....Have you ever had this problem? Nobody I ride with has ever had anything like this.
  4. Having a problem on my 2006 400. LCD display will not power up. Check fuses under seat seem ok. Is there any inline fuses I should know about....Any help?

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