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  2. Found a site that said the servo might not be timed properly. I took it off and made sure it was correctly set and put it back on. Still nothing.
  3. Hey, guys I’m at a complete loss now. When I bought this thing a week ago the guy (who I know) said it needed a new front diff, which he provided with the bike. I took the whole thing apart, replaced the diff, checked the splines on the axles and on the drive rod on both ends. The pinion gear splines all look good too. I put it all back together, including new wheel bearings on one side. Got her up on jacks, started her up, hit the 4WD button, heard the actuator engage, put her in gear and……Mike Ditka. The old diff I took out sounded like a bucket of nuts and bolts when I turned the input. The new diff sounds nice and smooth and the outputs turn nicely when I spin the input. The only thing I can think is that something is wrong with the actuator, but it sure sounds good when I hit the button. Does anyone have experience with this? What am I missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thank you! I ordered what I need from the info you gave. Lifesaver!
  5. The Kodiak 400 I just bought didn’t come with an air filter. I’m searching and am not finding an air filter that will work. I’ve checked Amazon, Bike Bandit, etc., but everything I am seeing is for a Big Bear 400 and reviews are saying it won’t fit a Kodiak 400. The bigger issue I am running into is that the ones I see all have what appears to be a female end for connecting with a clamp to a male inlet. The inlet in my air box is female. Now I know I ain’t no expert on ATV reproduction and procreation, but that just don’t work! Can somebody please hook me up with a part number or suitable aftermarket filter? I really didn’t expect this search to be so difficult…..
  6. Greetings and salutations. I’m new to the forum and I wish I had found it earlier. Proud owner of a really old Honda TRX350D that was gifted to me, and it certainly is the gift that keeps on giving. It is a tank and will keep up with more modern and larger machines but I can’t get it to run right so I’m about to sell it. I am purchasing a 2001 Kodiak 400 in the next few days. Pretty solid and runs strong but needs the new (included in the deal) front diff, or at least that’s what the guy is telling me. Seems like a simple enough job but I’ll diagnose it once I can tear into it some. I’m excited about it because they seem like great machines and I need something more dependable for deer season. Anyhoo, that’s my story. Any advice that the forum can provide as I go along on my journey would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, everyone!

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