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  1. Good news is i messed around with the CDI rotor and adjusted the distance and now it was a good strong spark WHOO HOO but it is intermittent and only happens at low speed while im turning it over does anyone know how to adjust that, would a new coil fix that? anyone know if this is common to have to readjust the cdi
  2. hey my atc has no spark so i opened up the stator housing and a whole bunch of oil poured out and this leads me to believe i blew a seal seeing as it sat outside over night one winter and the woldnt start let me know if there is supposed to be oil in there and it is the horizontal motor not the vertical head p.s. i have never seen oil in contact with a stator on any bike ever
  3. also can some one tell me where the condenser is
  4. hello everyone i have an 1984 atc 125m and it now longer produces spark and my manual tells you what to do just not how to, today i was messing around looking for the grounds i got one off and wire brushed it and the other i could not get off to inspect... so i was hoping i could find out how many grounds the 125m has and possibly if a more experienced member can walk me thru how to get it running again,and has this happened to anyone else? p.s. while inspecting the coil i unplugged it brushed it off and while hooking it back a spark gapped from the prong to the wire so its getting spark... kind of

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