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  1. mmlj12 read this and try it let me know if it worked on your bike
  2. well everyone i got it going it was the pulsar/pickupcoil but let me give my 2 cents ok i ordered the pulsar from rm stator these people were great and fast anyway i got pissed when i put the new cdi on then the pulsar still nothing no sparky and i ckd switches i mean all switches spent 80.00 on a manual and still nothing ckd fuses and it was good and here was the problem it was the new pulsar but it was not defective it was the wireing ok my quad has a white/red and a white/blue off the oem pulsar the new pulsar has a red and a white wire both solid common sense would say red to white/red and white to white/blue wrong they were back words it is red to white/blue and white to white/red and that worked so what im saying is mmlj12 reverse your pickupcoil wires and see if that fixes your no spark. and jcole1325 im not saying there isnt a fuse there but i can tell you for sure that there isnt one on my bike but anyways i want to think everyone who tryed to help and now it is time for me to ride once agian thanks
  3. well i want to thank everyone but i still can not figure out the problem i put a new cdi on it and nothing so i am going to get rid of it
  4. ok everyone let me start over i got a 2006 yamaha raptor 350 se it will not start but will crank over has plenty of fuel so i went and bought a new big gun cdi unit and pluged it in and still the same crank but no spark i really could use some good advice on were to start checking i checked the kill switch it is good i dont have power to coil key on or cranking please help i can takeit to the shop but they say they are 2 months behind and 130 hr labor
  5. thanks atv mechanic i tested all the componets you suggested and everything good so far and just a reminder it will crank over but still no spark thanks
  6. well, i got a 06 350 raptor se and was riding one night and it just shut off so what im asking is can any one tell me how to test the cdi,rectifier,or any other componet test it has no spark and what i did check was power from cdi to coil and none any test would help it is that the bike is 3 years old and solid state parts should last alot longer but everyone knows that it happens any help would be great and yes the fuses are good thanks in advance for your help

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