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  1. Located in S. Huntingdon County, Pa. Free riding with me on 459 acres. Some restrictions apply. See my profile. Trails are presently covered with about ten inches of snow. Makes for great riding. PM me if interested. Thanks, Wild Bill
  2. I"m looking for riding partners in S. Central Pa. I have 459 acres of wooded trails. Following is a description of the trails: Tight, lots of short steep climbs, some technical riding, lots of off-camber stuff. All trails are in the woods. Very little mud. No playpits. Some light saplings to run over that I haven't gotten cut yet. Now, here's the fine print: Experienced ADULT riders only (it's not a family place). Helmets and eye protection required. No (repeat) No booze during the ride. 4x4 atvs ONLY. Repeat...4x4 atvs only. No exceptions. Please don't bother to ask why...I won't respond to that question. Commercial campsites nearby. Why are you invited to ride these trails free? Because I consider myself fortunate to have them, and like sharing and riding with good people. Also, it's not really safe for me to be riding alone on these trails. You would be riding with me, not going out on your own. I consider myself an aggressive, intermediate rider. I limit groups to not more than six riders. Being retired, I"m availabe to ride most anytime. Trail location: Just off the Pa Turnpike at the Willow Hill or Ft.Littleton exits. If you want more info, email me at: [email protected] PS: Don't email me to ask for exceptions to the FINE PRINT above. Thanks, Will Bill

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