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  1. I have the seal out. Numbers on the seal are not visible. The prints/parts break down is kind of complicated to read, and really cannot locate the seal on the prints. If anybody has knowledge of seal number, let me know. I can always call local dealer. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks BuckBilly, I really appreciate you checking out the seal for me. I already did what they recommended and it came apart. Pulled the seal out. Now just need to go get one at local dealer. Thanks again. WeekEndWarrior.
  3. Thanks BuckBilly and Ajmboy, really appreciate it. Also found out through local dealer shop, that I will have to loosen up the front diff. and pull ahead about and inch, and shaft should seperate and should be able to pull out seal and take off of shaft. . Thanks again. Tim. WeekEndWarrior.
  4. :skeptic:I own a TRX500FA Honda Foreman Rubicon 2002. My son stuck a corn stalk into the front drive shaft oil seal. The shaft that comes out of the front of the motor, going to the front drive axle. I need to know what my options are to replacing it. The seal is ruined. Do I need to tear down the lower unit of the motor to replace the seal or does the drive shaft seperte. Please let me know. Or if anybody knows where I can download a repair manual of the web, or email me one that would be great. Not really wanting to purchase one. I will if I absolutely need to. Any Info would be greatly appreciated. Thxs. WeekEndWarrior.

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