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  1. I tried disconnecting the battery for a bit but didn't change anything. I will disconnect it and leave it overnight. Thanx for your help!
  2. Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself! I'm Nate, 32, from Tennessee. I love to ride when I can and try to every chance I get. I currently have an '07 AC 700 EFI 4x4. Hope to meet some people from the area who love the same things, hope to learn a lot from this site, and be able to maintain my Cat for as long as possible.
  3. I have a '07 AC 4x4 EFI with very low hours. My digital display has stopped working. When I first turn on, the light will appear as normal, but then dims out, has been doing this for about two weeks. I am looking for advice on how to correct the problem or anything I should try, etc.

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