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  1. I did what you said and adjusted the float to 24.5 or 25.5 mm. and it didn't get any gas so I changed the float and reset it according to the specs. and presto. I can say one thing Sir , you seem to know your stuff. Thanks for all the help Josh. Cheers Phonce.
  2. Hi Josh, I found the problem, A while back I replaced the secondary clutch and made a new gasket and failed to punch out one hole , the one which leads to the valve head. The pump had quite a bit of rough surfaces which I fixed by planeing with very fine sandpaper lain on my tablesaw top, the clogged screen probably caused the wear. The engine hasn't been running well and I blamed it on the top end problem but it still doesn't idle smooth. It starts easy but it hisitates when I use the throttle and sometimes it shuts off. When idling it speeds up and slows down , I checked the gasket which links the carb. to the head and it's ok. It certainly seems to be the carb , I changed the pump already.
  3. I will be checking these things in the morning, I was hoping to have it ready for Moose hunting tomorrow but I guess thats how things go sometime. Well, all I can say is thanks again. I'll let you know what I find tomorrow>.
  4. Thanks for the info , I do have a service manuel but I havent come across anything about the oil passage to the head yet but I did find the oil passage on the rocker arm part and replaced the cam. the oil passage isn't plugged but I did check the screen filter at the base of the engine , it was completely plugged off. I started the machine and let it run for two or three minutes( after adjusting the valves) with both valve setting caps off and it still isn't oiling. I don.t this machine has been pumping oil since I bought it used 3 yrs ago LOL. Is it possible the pump may be damaged after not pumping so long?.
  5. I don't see a tube to transfer the oil , what is a knock pin please?.
  6. Hi Josh , thanks for the comeback. The only place where oil can pass is the space where the chain connects to the camshaft. the camshaft has three oil holes of which one was blocked so I redrilled them a little larger and the cam heated up and snapped off. when I took it apart it didn't have any oil on the head and the cam had a blue tinge on it.The cam oilholes can only line up according to the setting of the timing. As for the oil pump, I don't know how it has any connection to the valve head since there isn't any tubes or openings leading to it. This is a mystery Charlie Brown LOL.
  7. Hi , I am new to this site, so HI everyone. I did some work on the topend of my Suzuki 1987 250 ATV ( ring job) and it's not getting any oil to the Camshaft and valves, What do you think I may have done wrong . Do the oil get to the head by the rotation of the timing chain ???. The engine runs rough when used for a while and I took the valve adjusting caps off and there isn't any oil getting up there. If the timing chain sliders weren't in the proper place , could this be the problem???.

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