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  1. Thanks for the help guys, I will put your suggestions to the test--happy riding
  2. out of curiousity, are you suppose to be able to start the quad up by crossing the terminals on starter cylinoid even with the ignition in the off position, because mine starts starts up even with out the key in it
  3. I dont believe its the battery, the battery was the first thing that I had replaced, and still had the same issue even with a brand new battery installed
  4. whats up guys, need a little help here, the battery in my 96 honda fourtraxx 300 keeps draining. I disconnected the battery kickstarted it and tested power generated at battery terminals with motor only and was gettting 3.5 volts dc at idle and the quad ran fine with lights. I then hooked battery up and checked started cylinoid for continuity with key on and off and had continuity both times, I also was able to start my quad by shorting terminals on starter cylinoid with key on and off as well. I checked wires, connections and 2 fuses by battery and all checked out of, I assume its the starter cylinoide or is their things to check before buying parts--- thanks for your help

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