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  1. No smoke at all. What else could be clogged? Filter was cleaned, also has the k&n top box with precharger. It's the only hose coming out of the case to the intake track.
  2. It's an 05...but got it figured out. Here's what was going on, after checking things over and over again. Got it running and hot, put the air box back on, and as I went to put the crankcase vent on, it would start to die. Once removed the idle would pick back up. So this whole time, once the motor got up to temp, the crankcase vent hose would pull air away from the carb...
  3. Have been on this site as a visitor, so I fugured I'd join finally. Getting some good info so far and people seem to be pretty cool. I still have to check everything out and see what else this forum has to offer. Juan
  4. I want to thanks those in advance that help me out with this. Lately I've been having some running issues with this thing. When I first start it up, runs fine with no issues. I'll ride it for up to 5 minutes, and when nice and hot, idle begins to drop and eventually cuts off. Carb has been taken off a few times now to make sure things are clean, filter was cleaned, valves were adj as they were a little loose (when adj it actually took a bit longer to die). For some reason I can't get to the sparkplug...? What else, oh, petcock was replaced, and made sure fresh has was used. When I try to restart it will only start if I give it gas, and when I try to let it idle, it idles really low then cuts off. But once I let it cool down long enough, it will start up (off the choke) every time and idle, take it for another ride, and when up to operating temps or higher issue comes back. Juan

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