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  1. Hey everyone, first post here. Have you guys seen these Fender sets on eBay? Their Real Tree Hydro Dipped OEM fender sets for $199.99 eBay Item number 250622898088 At first I was thinking theres got to be a catch cause these from Cheapcycleparts.com was over $600.00! But I crossed my fingers and ordered some. Before I found these I had tried painting my fenders didn’t work for me. Then I took them to be painted by a specialist and they did hold up much better but over time the paint still didn’t last. I read up on the fenders and learned that the plastic composites the Stock fenders use is not good for any sort of coating. Before I got the ones off eBay I was thinking they two might lose the covering but I learned these are not the same plastics composites as the original fenders are. So I jumped for them, when I got them on the first thing I did was bend the crap out of them before I even put them on, nothing no cracking nothing! Since, I’ve rubbed against trees etc riding not a issue yet. I love-em! Just wanted to see if anyone else had grabbed a set of these and what they thought.

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