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  1. anyone know if there is a way to check and see if the fuel pressure regulator is putting out the right ammount of fuel pressure?
  2. just noticed when i plug the stock cdi in it shoots a code 33 which is ignition or possible cdi box problem, but like i said my friends quad runs fine with this cdi. is there any way a aftermarket cdi can mess up somthing somewhere else in the ignition?
  3. any idea why the aftermarket would make the ignition different to not work with stock?
  4. i have a power commander and a quick shifter i want to use and they say dont use it with the aftermarket cdi because it has fuel adjustments on it also. when it was on the dyno he cant get it to tune in right on the low end and he thinks its the cdi causing the problem
  5. i have a 08 raptor 700 and im running a rev max cdi. i would like to change back to the stock cdi but the problem is it wont work. i tried my friends cdi also and it wont work but they both work on his quad. his cdi has always been stock. my other friend has a procom cdi and i tried the 2 stock ones on his quad also and they wont work. is it possible the aftermarket cdi has changed somthing to make stock ones not work? everyone i talk to said they have never heard of this happening

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