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2008 raptor 700 fuel pressure

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    • By gohndd
      Hey guys, I have a 1999 king quad. The right front brake locks up when I squeeze the lever. I can loosen bleed screw, fluid will come out and it unlocks. I'm thinking maybe wheel cylinder. Any suggestions?
    • By Charlesbrown
      I’m looking for a top end kit for a Yamaha. I would like to see how well the engine runs before spending $6-$7 hundred on oem. Niche has complete kits from $1-$2 hundred.  Anyone have experience with Niche or similar Chinese companies? 
    • By afa913
      Do the small 50cc's have a way to set the speed. Im wanting to get one for my kid and i need to set it to go slow. I know the chinese knock off fourwheelers do but i dont really want one of those
    • By 1998Zuki250
      I know I know, There are seemingly 10000000 posts about the fuel issues on the late 90's Suzuki LTF 250 Quad runners. But I just got my 1998 and I only got it for $200. It idles but nothing on throttle. I cleaned the carb, and ultimately I had to order a carb, fuel pump and petcock as cleaning everything didnt help. Any suggestions? 
    • By Jd101506
      Hi all! 
      So I’ve got a early model (86? Maybe?) (slide carb)Suzuki Quadrunner I’m working on. I’ve having a series of really wild fuel problems and I’m hoping someone could point me in the right direction. 
      So when I first got it the fuel pump and carb were both toast. Rusted, awful, unrebuildable messes. So I bought a pair of cheap Chinese ones of eBay and worked on the rest of it. 
      Carb arrives first. I install it, hook a battery up, mainline some fuel into the carb and it runs. Sounds great actually. Ok, cool, runs good, I’m fine. Wait a few days and the fuel pump shows up. Install and the quad runs like absolute dog crap. It would hesitate, stumble, stall, the works. It does sit and idle and start up quickly though. So I assume it’s the fuel pump, so I end up saying screw it and I buy an OEM one. 85$. Meantime I can still get it to run well with drip feeding it fuel. 
      New pump comes in and installed. Same thing. It stumbles, acts like it’s dying, may stall, etc. This new pump is an OEM Suzuki so my assumption is it’s fine? 
      I ended up swapping the carb wondering if the float or something is actually my problem. This is a different carb, a WELL REVIEWED Kipa carb from Amazon. I install that and I have a whole different set of problems… this carb will run at mid to high RPM, idle adjustment screw be damned. All the way in or all the way out it runs at the same RPM. I ended up taking the main slide and needle out and I swapped it for a different one and the RPM dropped. Not a lot but a little. So I try and drop the carb needle as low as I can and it’s still funky. Something isn’t right. 
      So after swapping that carb again I end up rebuilding the Mikuni carb from my Suzuki lt300, and swap the jets over from the Quadrunner rebuild kit I had ordered. Put that carb in and it does the same stupid high idle. I take the choke cable off the bike entirely and it makes no difference and the throttle cable has plenty of slack. As I’m standing there staring at it, it just suddenly drops the idle and sits there idling pretty happy… so I climb on, and it has the same annoying jerky, slow throttle response that the first eBay carb had. 
      So to recap:
      1x Kipa fuel pump kept pushing way too much fuel in. 
      1x OEM Suzuki fuel pump made the carb from eBay smoke like crazy and idle adjustment did absolutely nothing. I could go a full 2 turns from the stock setting of 1-3/4 turns out in either direction and get the same awful running 
      1x ebay carb worked well on a mainline of fuel right to the carb gravity fed. But runs like dogshit around the yard. Jerky and low idle and smoking on both the Kipa carbs and the OEM carb. 
      1x Kipa carb runs at super high RPM and won’t settle down no matter what I do with the cables or anything else. 
      1x rebuilt mikuni did the same as the Kipa but then randomly dropped rpm to idle and then started running like the ebay carb. 
      So I’m appealing to the brains here. I find it hard to believe I’ve tried this many carbs and such and I haven’t found a working solution. As an aside, I’ve swapped the plug, done an oil change, and done a general inspection. Compression test I haven’t done, and I haven’t adjusted the valves but it starts easily. And runs easily mainlining fuel.
      Sitting in the garage it sounds fine. I’m attaching a video of it running with the eBay carb and the OEM fuel pump. It’s just really weird. It feels like I’m flooding it because when it’s idling I can smell it and there is a little smoke from the tailpipe.
      Ill add more video tomorrow of it running like crap around the yard.  
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