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  2. ok josh message recieved and kinda understood mark!
  3. i dont think i was been offensive mr dirt D its a good site no offence meant my friend
  4. went to the outhouse at 2am etc...etc... etc...
  5. new to this ,i thought f...book covered all the trivial stuff, USE YOUR FORUM WISELY or burn in the fire of trivia?
  6. i have a portuguese suzuki dealer and my portuguese is minimal, as is portuguese communication,but after 5 weeks of phone calls and little reply a new suzuki clutch is on its way,but thanks for the reply dirtdemon the belt sounds more likely due to the none slip when the throttle is on, only when gentle engine braking it gets worse ,,what does the clutch shoe do?
  7. Sorry ajmboy, thanks for the welcome and the reply....
  8. No its not the lever, its the engine braking part of the auto clutch, when you throttle on it doesnt slip either
  9. Hello people, my king quad has been jumping in to neutral while at slow speed engine braking if i blip the throttle it re-engages, my dealer cant see any problem when he opened it up, does anybody come across this, is there a sensor for the engine braking system, thanx....

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