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  1. Howdy from Texas! First post. Looking forward to reading more on the forum. Bought this ATV in Oct 2008....primarily cause GF and I hunt together. Even more, we both like riding together, so this was the perfect setup. Bike's performed flawlessly since day 1....until today. Went to put it on the trailer to go to the camp....it'd been a while since I'd done more than crank it. Took it down the road to make a short run....make sure everything works ok....and it just died. Will 'crank'...once n a while it'll start....but wont run long...a couple of seconds. The speedo will go blank (flash)....then come back on. Gut feeling is telling me probably the battery is weak...or has a dead cell. Ive got it charging right now.....if it cranks and runs after that.....I feel pretty confident that's the problem. Any ideas? Comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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