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  1. Got her completely back together last night and went for a ride. I think this could get addicting. LOL!
  2. Thanks for the welcome all!
  3. Waiting on pics from the owner now. He says it's in "decent" condition so will have to see.
  4. It's the 250X and thanks for the help. I did get it figured out between your comments and a friend's comments.
  5. He's been helping with the maintenance work too. Always helping me with anything that has an engine on it. His sister isn't far behind either!
  6. He's asking $175, was on a craigslist ad. Awaiting his reply right now.
  7. Anyone use one? Looking at buying a used one since my space is limited living in a townhome. Could hang it on the wall in the garage when not in use. Here's a link to their site, specifically the model I'm looking at. | Versahaul
  8. Only pic I have right now. My son was pretty exicted.
  9. Am in the process of looking for a service manual that isn't a small fortune. I have the original owner's manual but it only has an electrical diagram, nothing for lines. Just trying to get it back together as soon as possible.
  10. Correct me right off the bat here if I'm wrong, I'm not sure if they're vacuum or breather lines. However, does anyone have a diagram of the lines? When I pulled the carb there were 2 lines that were not connected to anything. I did find a nipple on the frame next to the one for the diff breather line but again am unsure if these are breather or vacuum lines. A diagram would be great or if I could get pointed in the right direction. I did run through all the Honda threads and didn't find anything. I also looked at exploded diargrams on parts websites, they just don't explain where these lines go. Thanks in advance!
  11. Just bought my first atv this weekend. It's an '87 Honda Fourtrax 250. Seems nice for a beginner. Everything is in great shape on it and it runs well too. Just started the maintenance on it tonight. Oil change, diff fluid change, new spark plug, adjusting valves, fuel line, and replacing vacuum lines that are broken. Not new to engines or backyard mechanics. Been restoring cars since I was 17 and am now 29. Definitely not an expert, but I'm not a dummy. LOL!

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