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  1. Here's me right before we took on the river and wash full of calichee mud and who knows what else, hahahah! That's just what us desert rednecks do!
  2. Does anyone know? I'm thinkin of tradin in my Silverado for an Avalanche but i'm skeptical on if my quad will fit in the bed? By chance does anyone know or own one and have tried?
  3. Whats up everyone! I'm from New Mexico (yes i'm a legal citizen ahaha). I'm a member of the New Mexico Offroad League. I ride a Honda 400EX as well as an 03 Chevy Silverado haha! One thing i'm really good at is wrecking. Whoever said Polish Blondes couldn't ride......well they were right but hell we're pretty good entertainment and make the trip interesting. My specialty is in the mud! I've been into offroad/auto anything since I was a wee one, thanks to my pops. Drag Racing, Circle track inverted 8, offroading, shows, you name it I'm into it. Good to meet ya'll!

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