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  2. I would like to bypass my reverse switch so when it is reverse I do not have to hold down the button. I know this is a safety feature polaris built in but it would make it so much easier for me since I have lost strength in my left hand. I also would like to switch fan so I can turn it on manually any help would be great.
  3. I will try and adjust the pilot screw otherwise it runs fine. thanks for the help.
  4. If I turn the idle up then it will run to fast when I shift into gear it will grind. I thought about the pilot screw. is there a safety on this when it geets warm it shuts down because I do not hear the fan run much if at all? I know there is a part on the engine that heats up and then turns the fan on I was thinking about bypassing this and have the fan run all the time but wasent sure if this was not working if this would have this effect.
  5. I have a1992 polaris trailboss 350l that after I run the machine for awhile It will not idle, but when I let it sit it starts right up and idles. When I start it up first thing for the day it starts right up and idles it quits ideling when it gets warm any ideas or thoughts would be great.

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