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  1. I took it to the dealer, finally. They had it for a week. They did a lot of system checks...everything was ok. They finally added a 'carbon buster' to the gas and it started and ran. They blamed the gas. I get 500 gallons at a time and the barrel was filled the first part of May. I use unleaded, no ethanol. None of my other vehicles have had a problem with the gas, including my other Yamaha, a Moto4, chain saw, leaf blowers, mc's, etc. I guess I don't beat on the Grizz hard enough. Now when I'm riding around the farm I keep the Grizz in low.
  2. I know. It burns me to have to take it to the dealer. I'll get a manual coming and at least give it a shot myself. Thanks for the link.
  3. Wish I'd bought the extended warranty. My last Yamaha (350 Moto4) went 20 years with no service problems. New fuel pump is over $400.00; guess I'll give the dealer some bucks to find out what's wrong. Thanks for the replies.
  4. I was dragging some small tree branches yesterday and my grizzley 700 (EFI) backfired and died. Until that moment, it has run perfectly since I bought it new. It restarts but doesn't want to keep running. After sitting for an hour, it started, ran for 30 seconds and then died again and was harder to restart. It has less than 200 miles, has never been in water, and has good gas in the tank. I called my dealer and his guess was the fuel pump. I don't have a service manual. Is there a fuel filter in the fuel line somewhere? Is the fuel pump in the gas tank? I will probably buy a manual; are the aftermarket ones good enough? Yamaha wants 80 bucks for theirs. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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