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  1. Hi Guys,I took the carb off yesterday and it looked great inside,i went ahead and cleaned it and put it back on but it still is doing it.The choke works great.I have turned the idle screw up and it did make it idle higher but didnt make it run any better so i turned it back down,i checked the vacume line also and it was clear,im running out of ideals...lol,Any help would be great.Also what is the gap on this spark plug?Im gonna go ahead and change it but i dont think this will help but it cant hurt.Thanks for your help.
  2. Hello,i have a 2002 Eiger that i bought new,i have only put 900 miles on it,it stays in my garage most of the time,last oct. it started out the engine would die till it got warmed up,now it misses and pops i dont know it its a backfire or not,but it seems to do it most when im in 1st gear,when i shift to 2nd and up it runs great,it more in higher rpm,it did sit up for about 3 months before it started doing this,does anyone have any anwsers for this?Thanks

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