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  1. I've honestly never cracked the book open. That's a good idea. I was thinking it might have a diagram but was leaning toward it didn't also hoping someone here would have ran into this same issue before. I believe either a relay or the brake controller is shorted due to water intrusion
  2. 2004 Suzuki Twin Peaks 700 I put my dvm on mA setting and hooked one end to my postive side of the battery and the other end to the positive wire, and read 25mA draw with the engine off, I unpluged all the fuses and componants one at a time and found the brake controller fuse gave me the best results, with it out it now has a draw of only 4mA which should be fine, I have replaced the brake on the cvt belt housing before due to water damage, is there a relay or brake controller box perhaps I should change, its killing my battery after a few days. any suggestions?
  3. ok sure thing. once I remove the Carbs and clean them out with choke carb cleaner is there anything I should be checking real well? I know the needles should be clean and not stopped up and float should move freely anything else?
  4. Yeah I haven't been cutting the peacock off once I park it and cut it off should I crank it and let it drain all remaining fuel from carb?
  5. Ok it is dual carbs I'll pull it off and clean it and post back thanks
  6. A week ago I put 4.8 gal of new gas in and ran it for 2 hours it ran great this week I wanted to crank it and let it run a bit, wouldn't start initially made me think starter was hanging then it cranked and went dead, I then removed air filter to have a look and started it up and noticed a blackest gas mixture filling up the air filter housing I shut it off and wiped floor up to discover it was indeed gas and oil so I pull the dip stick and it's fuel of gas help!
  7. I have a Suzuki Twin Peaks 700 "2004" I have recently took on water through the air box that completely filled up the belt cover housing, since then I have got it cranked up and reset the sensor that limits it to 8mph and changed oil several times, filter and changed spark plugs, after doing that and riding monitoring performance it would run rough back firing some and all so then moved on to cleaning carbs and after reinstalling them it ran like new, now the problem is It runs rough again and the only thing I did was added a small amount of seafoam since I was told is good for it, any suggestions? last note I have taken out the spark plugs again and checked them they were black so I cleaned them and put them back in still no different. runs great at idle currently just when rev up it tuns rough

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