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  1. I really appreciate your in depth reply. No it doesn't run on starting fluid. I am a mechanic by trade, just not on motorcycles. Theory is still the same, fuel, squish and fire something has to happen. Problem is no squish. I had the head off. Cylinder is not scored and valves seem to be seated. Metal head gasket so i'm assuming it's reusable? Sprayed a coat of copper on it and and re-installed. Cranked it over without the carb on, just trying to get the squish back. Has vaccum on the intake tho I don't have a way to measure how much and when I put some oil in the cylinder it pushed it out the exhaust port. This is why I think the cam timing is off. At TDC there's a mark on the cam gear and it lines up with a mark on the cover. I know i'm missing something, just don't know what it is. Thanks, Mike
  2. Yes it has spark. I don't have a compression tester small enough to see what it actually is. Float is not stuck. When I rebuilt it I have the NAPA 1 gallon carb soaker can with basket. It does a real nice job. I guess my next question is this. Can that cam chain slip and throw the valve timing off and if so how do you set it? Thanks, Mike
  3. 07 Raptor 80. Had old fuel in it. Got it running on the old stuff and left it idleing while I ate dinner. I looked out and it had a lot of smoke coming out of the exhaust. By the time I got out to it, it had stalled and would not restart. Drained the old fuel and still wont run. Not even a backfire. Rebuilt the carb. Still nothing. I'm not an idiot but this thing sure makes me feel like one. Almost seems like no compression. I cranked it while the carb was off and there does appear to be vaccuum. Definately not the starter clutch. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mike

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