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  1. Thanks guys, i didnt flip I was spun and the guy rode up onto my rear tire hitting my exhaust. Either way i did recently completely clean the carb. Im running the suggested Dyno jet for an aftermarket pipe, would I be wasting time to go up one more and see if it helps? Thanks again
  2. I have a FMF Powerbomb Header, FMF Powercore 4 Exhaust, K&N Filter and a Dyno Jet kit. Powerecore has a decent dent in the side from a wreck, but I dont think it is affecting the inner flow, the cylinder inside seems to be just fine. However, Im getting spanked everywhere except a little on the low end. I even had a factory get me the other day on a straight away race. The only thing he had done was remove the baffling. I thought I had a pretty good combination, what am I dont wrong. i am at a wall and can not get it tuned in. Thanks ahead for any suggestions.

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