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  2. yea im gonna go grab a new cover for it probly right after the holidays then just gotta come up with some cash for the new rear fenders $$$$$ Pricey but worth it in the end result
  3. yea my seat pan is kinda wrecked but i dont know where i can get a new one so guess ill have to make it work
  4. ok heres mine just wanted to show it off its just a beater right now but planing on fixin her all the way up one day when i get the time and money 1983 HONDA 185S
  5. so yea i love my 3 got her back up and goinn still needs some body work th like a seat and maybe some new rear plastics Its A 1983 Honda 185S runs graet and rides awsome
  6. aawsome yea i might try something like that this year looks cool good idea for the garage
  7. yea i think id try something like that for the holidays sounds like it could be fun
  8. ok so i got my parts installed and now everything is good next on the list new exhaust and seat if i can find one lol
  9. ok so ive ordered my parts and they should be here hopefully by next weekend ill keep everyone updated and thnx for all the help
  10. nah id rather just order the parts and have them sent right to me just seems easier that way idk ill have a look around and see wat i can find
  11. i just checked ebay and its gonna be about 150-200
  12. done and done and now i screwed up the threads on the end of the axle trying to pound it out oh joy now i get to spend about 300 bucks to fix everything
  13. and i just noticed raptor just said the same thing grr i feel like punching myself lol
  14. ok i offically messed up lol was searching ebay today and noticed the brake drum is splined on and ive been trying to twist it off *face palms* yea i know i sound like a dumb ass but it happens guess ill update when i get it off later tonight

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