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  1. Hello Everyone and thanks for having me. My name is Kenn and I live in the Heart of Wayne National forest ATV Trails regoin and also not far from Perry State Forest APV area. I own some land where I am in the Process of Building a Private ATV Campground with help from my ATV Friends. There are Many trails in the area and they also link to the Wayne National Forest ATV Trail head in New Straitsville, Ohio. Me and my ATV Friends are a good group of People who like to meet other ATV Riders and even travel to other area's and States to ride. I am Interested in Networking with other ATV Riders and share Riding Places and maybe even invite you to Join us at our Campground ( No Trouble makers, excessive drinking or Drugs ). We are good people and only associate with the same. we ride all different types of Bikes and this area offers something for everyone. Thanks for Having me and drop me a Line and we will share some Stories. Kenn

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