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  2. sold my last trike a ATC500R about a month ago, building me a smoker 400ex to run with my daughter in hairscrambles, then Ill snag me another atc250r to wreak havok again on I may ride on 4 but my mind is always on 3.
  3. currently she is unable to ride untill she has a MRI done the doctors at Shands Hospital in Gainsville FL are worried about her neck and back, and she is also starting on a new drug that she has to have a shot of every week, this drug will coincide with the medicine she is currently taking wich allready lowers her immune system. The doctors want kids with JRA to be active in sports and when she went down there last she took her riding gear and showed them what she enjoys, they havnt experienced any kid with JRA doing any motorsport activity as of yet. They are concerned with her possible neck problems and spine problems with the atv riding, so getting the suspension done is paramount now along with trying to get a LEATT brace for her to wear along with her other gear. She got kinda bummed about hearing she couldnt ride but rest assured she will be back riding soon!
  4. well last sat she geared up and went looking for a possible shop sponsorship, didnt have any luck every shop said they couldnt afford it but they would help with parts and labor if needed. One shop was pretty damn cool after being turned down we were checking out some helmets and she was putting on a nice KBC when the owner said if it fits she can have it! I was pretty taken back by that and she couldnt beleive it, we were very happy adn thanked him alot for it. it fits alot better then her older helmet wich was a hand me down. on the 16th she has her major checkup and tests at SHANDS in Gainsville FL, were taking all her gear there and pics of her riding as they encourage kids with JRA to be active in sports but I almost bet they havnt seen a kid wanting to ride atv's and race them at that. Also we are submitting a letter to leatt so hopefully they will either full sponsor her with a neck brace or we can get one at what we can afford, I think thats a major thing she will have to have becouse she has neck problems and Im affraid the weight of the helmet may cause damage later down the road, so cross your fingers on that!
  5. oh did a quick mock up of the nerf bars, they fit about what I would expect them to fit, aslo note the stock heel guards will work on this no problem, later i hope to change them out to some pro armour or equivalent brand aluminum heel guard. you can see where they go directly into the 250ex frame. Normal 250ex nerfs go behind this frame portion making the nerfs short and boxy and im not into that. Also notice honda puts a threaded hole in the reinforcement perfect for making a nerf bar mount bolt up to so I will take the 300ex nerf front mounts cut and reweld them so they bol onto this portion. Also turning radius does not come close to the nerfs wich may be a problem with stock armed machines. now onto the back mounts, not a big problem here I will flatten out the nerf bar mount to foot peg so it fits flush and cut and reweld the inner most net mount as its in the way of the foot peg. also got the front 450R hood mounted securely, drilled and screwed the front and drilled two new holes on the top and put in longer push pins and called it a day, also reinstalled the key switch and N and R lights. Looks pretty damn tough for a 250ex I might say!
  6. had to sell her barkbusters becouse they wouldnt work with the fasst bars without the $50 mount so I got her some new mx style guards wich are built way better then I expected and sheap only like $23 shipped, I also picked up a used 450R hood to see how well I can make it fit, I wont do any mods to the 250 (its just sitting on there with two zipties) just got to space the front fenders out a little bit but no cutting, I think it looks awesome plus her light is messed up im thinking later some trail tech lights on the bars but we hardly ever do any night time riding. Also mounted the bling star bumper, I think im going to goto a weld shop and ask if they can add some more to the mounts to drop it down about 2-3 inches I think that will look better, being for a 450r wich is taller is the problem I think. Now im jst waiting on the nerf bars as well, we are going this weekend to try to get a MC shop sponsor that would maybe help out to get to the races (I dont know what shops will actually do Ive never tried) maybe even $25 per race or more I hope just to help out. Let me know what you guys think! .
  7. shes been riding non stop this weekend managed to snag some cool pics! hardcore
  8. BUMPER TIME! so I found a sweet deal on a SIC INC. bumper becoue I noticed it needed some protection for the sterrign damper and I snaged it up for super cheap new, becouse at the time the bumper she wanted was to much and I didnt want to use alot of her money on just a bumper. its not made for this machine but it wouldnt take much to make it fit then....... of course what happens? someone come along with the bumper she likes for a awesome price.....grrrrrrr So I decided to get it figuring ill get my money back on wich ever one she dosnt want in the end go figure! also its not for this model but still for a honda so it will take very little for it to fit and it wil drop down from where its at in the pic personaly I like both lol but its up to her, also snagged some nerf bars finaly for super cheap as well they should be in this comming week!
  9. any way few more peices to the puzzle. I scored some 250R +2 arms for rediculously cheap, I couldnt pass on them and they are in good shape the ball joints are tight and there is minimal damage to the arms unkown what brand they are though. But in my haste I didtn think about it I know I got to mod these arms to fit like the 400ex's but their chromoly........ and I have no way to do anythign with them so im going to try to find a weld shop that has threaded bungs so I can put rod ends for the arm to frame mounts and weld them in reasonably cheap any idea how much that may run me? I can get some of katies mone back out of the extra parts that came with the arms plus I got some peeps interested in the 400ex conversion arms I allready did as well, hopefully that will cover the work and Ill still come out with a awesome deal on a extended front end for her 250! also got the 1inch front spacers in as well so when everythign is finished she will have a hell of a stable and wide quad! perfect for her shes allready getting pumped for some more riding and hopefully soon some racing!
  10. awesome goodies this week!!!! got the FASST FLEX bars in and mounted them as soon as I could, I havnt changed the bushings to the lighter ones yet but I will this weekend man they feel awesome! of course I had to get some fat bar antivibe clamps for them.,.thank god for ebay!:drool: also got the ALBA stearing stabilizer in, man the difference this thing makes is unreall I wounder why for so many years I never used one?:crazy: and not installed yet but soon are some 3 inch rear wheel spacers all cleaned up unfortunatly she wont be able to ride this weekend, shes been out of school with a flareup, hopefully she will get better soon to enjoy all this!
  11. man so many stabilizers!!! wow!! finaly settled on one that ws a good price by a great brand and it has the features I want full adjustability and rebuildable so this is what I ended up with also my FASST flex bar order has goen through she is officially now a supported rider by FASST CO. Should get those bars in next week! I bet this thing is going to feel so smooth! 400ex front on 250ex painted up some parts for the front end: she likes blue took about 2 hours today to put the front end back together should have been way less but I didnt intend on honda having differnt sizes for parts, I had to use the inside 250 rod ends on the 400ex tie rods as the steering shaft had a bigger mounting hole, also ended up using 400ex spindles becouse the ball joints on the 400ex arms are bigger then the 250 so they would have been sloppy on the 400 ex parts. got it all buttoned up did a decent tow set job and took it for a spin, everything seems to work better up front it steers alittle fast I guess the spindle mounts are slightly differnt and you can immediatly tell the width difference when cornering under speed I think once I get the bars and the stabilizer the front end will be tits then ill work on getting some shock upgrades for her for sure! pretty tight steering heres everything up close I think its well worth the little effort
  12. check her out! she can allready tell the difference with the anti vibe stem and loves the twist throttle she rode ti around for a couple of hours today and didnt complain about it a bit!
  13. ROLL DESIGN anti vibe stearing stem! dosnt come with bar clamps but I happen to have a set that have been sitting around for years! motion pro twist throttle in, just got to install it and now she will be able to stay on it longer as she can use more of her wrist to controle the throttle instead of her thumb. Also came with soem thin style waffle grips I will see how well they work Im still a firm beleiver in the super thin renthal grips especialy for her.
  14. I figured since she is a young woman I would post this build in here, most is copy and pasted from other forums but will continue to update it when work and information is avail. thanx! her dad well after doing a million trades I FINALY got what I wanted for my Daughter 2006 honda 250EX! My daughter has Juveniel Rhuemetoid Arthritis, but she loves to ride and has been riding since she was just 3 1/2. I failed multipul times at building her a quad that would suit her so after much debate decided on the 250ex since its still sporty yet easy to drive. Things that have to be modded for here are a twist throttle added as her hands and fingers loose strength quickly, and that the foot pedal brake it operating normaly and near perfect. Mods that I plan on doing to it, banshee front shock for the rear (common thing to do on these to soften the harsh ride, fits perfect) shocks all the way around (needs to be made as plush as possible but usable) FASST flex bars, stearing stabilizer. I allready had some fast treckers to get rid of the stock balloons that where on there, also later would like to widen the suspension front and rear. once she gets tired of the way it is in a few years then Ill do some engine mods right now its stock and thats just fine also she wants some graphincs for it. and if anyone has any parts for it let me know I may be interested here it is! looking for: cool front bumper rear grab bar fasst flex bars nerfs rear wheel spacers slip on muffler took it to work today to use the steam washer, I knew the plastic looked dull....well becouse they spray painted it flat black thing is they actually taped up the decals and warning stickers and did a dam good job of it, well I dont dig spraypaint so I blasted it all off except the rear fender where they did sand it prime it and paint it, I had to order some bumper stripper to safely remove that then ill polish the fender back out. I also blew off the oem graphics but I plan on ordering these also I put some bark busters on it that Ive had for YEARS laying around and never got to put them on anything till now, her hands are fragile so these give me a little peice of mind. I jsut dont know if these will work later when I get some fasst flex bars can you run hand guards with the fasst flex bars? I had some lower profile wheel and tires that ive been holding on forever just for her quad if and when I got her another quad now I just need to get soem wheel spacers. and here are they awesome rednecked hillbillied up rear fender paint job, going to clean these things up back original again still needing any parts I listed in the post above! thanx!

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