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  2. where:aargh: can i find the neutral safety switch on my 2004 arctic cat atv 400 4x4. it thinks it is not in neutral so it will not start. i have tried parking brake and still will not turn over. even tried to start it on the silonoid , turns over but will not start. it ran fine when i parked it a week ago.
  3. No it will not start. Could it be the neutral safety switch? if so where would i find it? Lights and everything come on but it thinks it is in gear i guess.
  4. I parked my 2004 Arctic cat 400 4x4 about a week ago, went out to start it, it was in neutral but will not show neutral light to start. Runs perfect, starts right up every time, so not sure what it is . checked fuses non blown that i can see. anybody have any solutions?

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