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  1. It seems to run the same on reserve and yes I did change the float pivot pin and nothing seemed to be hanging. Dont think there was any corrosion best I could tell. There is a small bowl like thing on the side of carb that has a rubber seal that is shaped like a bow with a spring inside it. when I took it off to clean it, there was quite a bit of corrosion inside of it. There was also a small oring inside that same piece that went around a penhole that looked maybe fuel or something went in it.
  2. I need some help. I sunk my quad a few months ago. Meaning that water got inot my carb. So I chainged the oil several times until it became clean. Took the carb off and cleaned it. I ran it a few times and noticed it was running a little rich. What i mean is very high rpms once the quad got warmed up. I also noticed that the oil had gotten more liquid in it then when i originally filled it up. What i found out was that my carb was over flowing w fuel. It was draining out of carb into airfilter box. noticed there was a crack in hose going to airfilter and gas was coming out sitting on top of crank case seeping into it filling my oil up w gas. I think I solved the problem w gas getting into case by fixing the hose. But now for some reason the carb seems to be still getting flooded w gas. I bought carb rebuild kit and changed the jets that come from the bowl where the float is and the needle like thing that hangs onto the float and stops fuel from coming in so I thought. I got a friend of mine over who knows carbs better then I do and seemed puzzled as well. we concluded that there might be some oil mixed in w the gas that was over flowing in carb. I can get quad to fire and run for a short while until it gets flooded. But while its running you can only give it bout half throttle then it just dies. Any help or suggestions would be great.

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