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  1. i am not getting up to full speed. i am off by almost 15 mph. the bike still runs good, and there is no issues with the carb. it simply peters out at about 30 mph....the motor seems to be pumping hard but its like the tranny is not doing its job. the belts are relatively cheap, but i thought if anyone knew how to measure the slack in the belt. the belt does not look all that bad, but i dont want to do any un-necessary repaires
  2. does anyone know what the specs are on a drive belt from a 2000 suzuki quadmaster? how do i know when it is worn out?
  3. i will tear into it in a few days. was hoping someone had a similar problem for some advise
  4. I have a quad master that runs and drives, but makes this awful grinding noise from what seems to be the right side of the engine. Even when the unit is in neutral, you can hear the noise when you throttle up. any thoughts on this before i start tearing into this thing?

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