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  2. Thanks for the info. Will try what you suggested and advise if I managed to resolve my issue. Best regards
  3. Hi! Does anyone knows where the fuel pressure regulator is located. The quad is running very lean when cold and told that there could be a modification done that could help with the problem. The other question I have is do owners normally just clean the gas filter or should I replace it. My QUAD has over 13000 km and have been running very good. The problem I am experiencing only started about 4 months ago Thanks
  4. Good aftrenoon Looking for assistance or hint in how to resolve the issue I started to encounter a few months back I do have issue when starting cold (and I do not mean because it is minus 1). Recently once the Quad has not ran for 24 hours, it is always hard to start. Lately ÙI started to remove the air filter and sprayed a thin mist of gas at which point the engine starts with no hiccups. Thru start and stop for the reminder of the day, no problem at all the dealer tells me that it is probably an issue with the engine and that should have valves rechrome. Compression tests are within standard, no problem at all with the battery, the is no evidence of oil comsumtion (either thru leak or burning). I purchased new and have been very rigorous on maintenance . Any hint as to what else I can check at this time:confused: Many regards from quebec, Canada

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