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2006 Suzuki Kink Quad 700FI - Fuel pressure regulator


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Does anyone knows where the fuel pressure regulator is located. The quad is running very lean when cold and told that there could be a modification done that could help with the problem.

The other question I have is do owners normally just clean the gas filter or should I replace it.

My QUAD has over 13000 km and have been running very good. The problem I am experiencing only started about 4 months ago


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I am pretty sure the regulator is inside the fuel pump, Suzuki recommends that you do not disassemble the pump yourself, I usually ignore these things. Should you? That depends on how much confidence you have in your mechanical skills. If you do choose to take it apart and check the regulator, pay attention to how the regulator is installed in the pump so you can be sure you put it back together the same way. I don't know that there is an actual fuel filter, but there is probably some kind of screen on the fuel pump pickup. I would check that and the check vavle in the line on the way to the injector. There is also a temp sensor in your air box that could be causing problems, make sure it is plugged in, clean and un-damaged. I would check all of the simple things first and try to clean the fuel system before taking the pump apart.

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