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  2. There are still a few. Most of the best places are illegal to ride at now, though.
  3. Yep, Lynden is about 15 minutes away.
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    It was just the two of us trying to get it out and by the end, i think there was more mud on us than the quad
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    reminds me a bit of when i was four wheeling with a friend. he was on a quad, i was in my truck. he went off on a side trail to look at something and 10 minutes later, he was walking back to my truck. ends up he found a 2 foot deep soupy mud hole and didn't follow the good old rule "look before you leap"
  6. I live WAAAAAAY up northwest in Everson (I can see into canada if i stand on my roof). The pics don't show the exhaust or the tires. They're actually pics that I stole off of the previous owner's facebook profile and were taken with the bore and air filter only. Tires and exhaust are both very recently replaced.
  7. I live up in Northwest Washington. I ride a 2006 Kawasaki KFX400. So far, it's got HMF Sport Series exhaust, ITP Holeshot GNCC tires, Regina chain, K&N air filter, DynoJet stage 2 jet kit, Wiseco 440cc big bore kit, and nerf bars that I can't remember the brand of at the moment. I don't have a lot of riding experience and I really wasn't planning on buying a quad before this, but the deal was too good to pass up. It was built up the way it is when I got it plus it included all the stock pieces, as well. here's a few pics

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