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  2. Here's another thought. if the crankcase was indeed full of fuel, it should try to fire with this fuel wouldn't it? If the key on the flywheel was broken like Dirt Demon suggested this would hinder it trying to ignite the gas. When i crank on the motor it just turns over and over and over with nothing happening, no backfires, no pops nothing. Could the key on the flywheel be the whole problem? Thanks again!! Matt
  3. Thanks again!! I shut the gas off today and cranked the hell out of the motor, stopping to pull the plug and clean it( it was always wet). Couldn't find the drain plug on the motor, does anybody know where it might be? I agree with you Dirt Demon that the needle or float could be or was the cause of the crankase getting full of fuel. Does anybody know a quick way to empty the crankcase? I didnt know about the flywheel key i will check to see if thats the problem, i guess i could also look at the counterbalance oil to see if it is mixed with gas, that might tell me if the seal is good or bad. Again thanks guys I appreciate the tips!!! Where might this flywheel key be located?? I cant seem to find the part online?
  4. Thanks!! I have the air box off of it right now, but i did notice when i had the reeds out earlier that there was some fuel in the bottom of the cylinder. I now suspect that the carb let gas down into the crankcase and it is full. Makes sense because the spark plug is wet within a full pulls, gonna try removing the plug from the bottom of the engine tommorow and see what i find out. I will update.
  5. Alright I'm new to the site and pretty baffled about my Polaris. I bought it this summer, rebuilt the top end, everything was going good until I ran it out of gas. Added fresh gas some weeks later and it wont start. I've been thru the carb, cleaned every nook and cranny in it, new spark plug, and still nothing. The plug is wet after trying to start the quad so its getting fuel, I have good spark and it doesnt even try to start. I looked at the reeds today and everything looked fine none that are broke or warped. I havent tested compression with a tester but I know i cant hold my finger over the spark plug hole it will blow it off. Before I cleaned the carb it would backfire now it doesnt so I'm at a witts end. Any Ideas??? Thanks in advance. Dont know if this matters but the elec start doesnt work so I'm trying to pull start the quad. Also wont start with starting fluid either.

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