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  1. Thanks that is very helpfull do you know about a radiator reclocation kit. is it the same as the snorkel?
  2. Hey I got a question i got a 2009 polaris 550 EFI and im looking at getting a snorkel kit but i can't find one that fits my bike i found them for 850 and 500 will the same snorkel kit work for my bike. Im also looking for a radiator relocation kit but im running into the same problem. If you have any information it would help. thanks
  3. Im looking to buy a snorkel kit and a radiator relocation kit for my atv. I haven't found one for my 2009 polaris 550 efi all i have found is for 500 and 850. Can I use either one of those kits are do i need to find a place that sells kits for my 550.

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