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  2. Thanks for the replies guys, turns out it was the low speed jet was clogged, had a tiny speck of dirt in it. The passage was so small I couldn't even fit a sewing needle through it, but I took think piece of copper wire and fed it through. The bike is running like a champ now. Next project: Get the QR250 running
  3. So it will probably just be worth picking up a rebuild kit for the carb. On that note, I tried to pull the carb once before, but I could not figure out how to detach the throttle cable from the side of the carb, which is why I couldn't completely clean it out. Anyone have any insight into how to detach it? Its not like the typical slide out cable thats in a throttle body.
  4. I have a 1999 KQ300 thats been sitting for about 3+ years while I've been away at school. So in the last couple weeks I've been trying to get it running again for a local event called mudfest. I dropped in a new battery, pulled the carb out and cleaned it up a little, changed the fluids and put in a new plug. After all was said and done, the bike runs, but not quite at 100%. I had it going this whole weekend and it never completely quit on me, but it will not idle, and I cannot take the choke all the way off other wise it starts to misfire. I'm a fairly competent mechanic, but I'm not too familiar with this bike, so I was wondering if anyone knew of some if the more common issues with these bikes. I read through some of the other posts on this forum, and tried a few of the suggestions, but it still is running a little rough. Oh, and for what its worth, when I first started to mess with the bike, I noticed there was some sort of fluid all over the head of the motor, it looked more like oil but Im not absolutely sure. Thanks in advance

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