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  1. whats up mike! havent been on in awhile, been pretty busy lately lol... see i wasnt sure if i had to rejet because theoretically i am not adding any more fuel or air, i am just compressing the same amount alot more which made me think that maybe i dont need to rejet. Ill prolly throw some sunoco 94 octane in it today. the higher the octane the more resistant to detonation it is so i figured 94 is a safe start and i can always work my way down to say 93 or 91 octane.... any suggestions on what plugs to run or break in?
  2. hey guys, i just recently installed a wiseco piston that increases my compression from stock which is 9.0:1 to 10.5:1. I am wondering if i have to do any jetting work in the carb, if i should run any different plugs (colder or hotter than stock), what octane fuel you would recommend (im thinking 91 or higher), and also what would be the best way for breaking everything in... im thinking some extra information might be useful before i fire this thing up thanks for the help guys!
  3. hey guys, im new to the forum and i need some information im hoping someone can help me out with. i have an 86 suzuki lt230s that i just did a full rebuild on. basically new everything including a new high flow air filter and a new high flow exhaust as well as a carb rebuild kit. I got it running very well until i give it full throttle in which i lose all power and it acts like it wants to stall. I richened the mid range mixture almost all the way after several attempts of being a tuning problem and it seems to have improved it but it still isnt 100 percent. Anything after about 7/8 throttle and this problem occurs... based on what the book says i either have it too lean yet (which may be the case cause im trying to get it running in 30 degree weather) or i have the wrong jetting in my carb (which i hope isnt the case). It is a possiblity that it is still too lean with the cold weather, the high flow air filter, and high flow exhaust... does anyone have any suggestions for me? Im just not too sure of the jetting options i have other than stock due to the age of the quad in general. thanks fellers, john

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