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  2. Leerjaks having a New Year's Day ride , 1-1-13 Tuesday 8am till dark. Leerjak Off-Road Ranch - Home Or check it out on Facebook.
  3. It turnout pretty good for the park. The races got pushed back to Sat and Sun because of the rain and tornades that came though earlier in the week. There is an atv rodeo this weekend. June 10-12
  4. Memorial weekend May 27-30 Have a full weekend of riding and racing. Race schedule Fri even TNT Sat Kids and index Sun 4x4 ,4 stroke ans 2 stroke ,limited and unlimited classes. Check out the rest on Leerjak Off-Road Ranch - Home Thanks!!!
  5. These bikes need a good #15 battery. I've seen them pop ans snap in the mid rpm and up with a low battery. The charging system won't wont run the bike by it's sefl.
  6. Leerjak is open for riding, muding and racing.March 18, 19 & 20. Looks like it will be a Great weekend!!!!:bannana_guitar: Check it out www. Leerjak .com
  7. Check your battery, They have to have a good strong one to run. Don't over charge it no more than 2anp. If it's not that then it could be the voltage reg. Check voltage at the battery. If it's over 14+ it could be over charging.

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