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  2. i was thinking something with the compression release, does it have one? because if we pull the spark plug out it will turn over just fine because of no sompression but it still seems kinda slow when the plugs out. so im not really sure what to do. sorry for the double post. but let me know thanks!
  3. ok cool, and i did get the email. but the other ones i didnt.? im not sure lol i will just check when i can, and yea it used to turn over slowly and now the selenoid just clicks. clutch sounds like a rattle or something like that. but main problem is the starting issue...tommorow when the dealership is open we might take it to them..i know itll cost an arm and leg but something gotta be done...im mad. bought the bike for 4000, spend 1000 in repairs..still dosent run, only good thing now is that it dosent smoke when it did run the one time i saw it.
  4. if someone knows anything that would be wrong with it or something very important that i should know could yall please txt me or call me because i might not get an email on saying that yall replied on here. thanks 281-508-1289
  5. ok guys...just got the bike back..rebuilt the entire top end and it had trouble starting..it would start if you jumped it off or had the batttery charged at 100% brand new starter, selonoid, and wires, new battery, we did switch the battery to a 325cca batttery instead of a 220cca. but now it wont start even if you jump it off, and when it did start the clutch made a lot of noise, is their supposed to be grease or something in there to keep it from making noise? but now the bike wont start, i cant pull the starter off because one of the bolt is totally stripped...idk what to do. ive had the bike for months now and have only ridden it 2 times...all the other days it has been broke. so far i am NEVER going to buy arctic cat again unless this one gets fixed and NEVER breaks again or somthing, i have a 2003 honda and it has pver 5000 miles. nothing has ever needed to be rebuilt and it dosent smoke and we ride it pretty hard. ive flooded the honda about 5-6 times since ive had it and never had to trailor it home broken, all i had to do was drain the bike then it starts right back up. so if this one dosent pick up its shit then im selling it and probaly going to a honda..
  6. Okay cool! I will put some pics up if I have time.
  7. its a 2007 650 H1 FIS, and no i didnt have it Wide open throttle, i did find out then problem, the rings were gone and timing chain jumped, and with the carb, the needle and seat wernt sealing.
  8. It's does idle high when it used to run. I would stick my hand over the intake snorkel to slow it down. Then it would shoot white/blue smoke out the exhaust. But te jets are clean and I guess it's the needle valve but it seems to e working properly when it's out. I cleaned it and it didn't overrun so I'll try that and hope it works
  9. Also how would I tell if the auto choke is on? I don't think it is but how would I check?
  10. Alright I think it's the needle valve. I cleaned it and hooked the carb back to the fuel line and turned the bike over and I could see the gas going I'n and it never came out of the overflow. I shook the carb a little bit and saw a few drops come out of the overflow. So hopefully I fixed that problem. I'm going to hook it back up and see if it starts, the air filter is off of it right now. And yea it's pretty clean.
  11. Alright I changed the plug, the drain screw is closed for sure. It's overflowing from the bowl and I'm nt giving it any gas. I havent checked the stator, would that cause it not to start? I hooked a timing light up to the plug wire when the plug was In the engine so I know it's getting fire when I'n the engine. But Ill look into the stator..thanks.
  12. Ok I found another problem. I put the carb back on and tried to start it. The drain hole In the carb is overrunning. It'll fill the bowl and keep filling until it comes out the bottom. I checked the float and needle and everything seems free and not gummed up...so the carb is messed up somehow..so any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. It cranks and sounds fine, and it sometimes studders and tries to start...im working right now on it and i am pretty sure it is a carberator problem. But the bike only has 500miles on it and yeah thats what i was thinking, why would it have blow by this early...? the guy said he hasnt flooded this bike but he flooded his other bike..but you cant always take someones word. So the bike has spark, cranks good, fuel pump works, stutters sometimes and tries to start but doesnt. and about the white/blue smoke. the oil is a good color, i tried to put some STP smoke stop in with the oil to see if that would help since tthe bike has low miles. but dont know if that will help since i cant get the thing started lol. but hopefully once we work out the carberator bug and get it running, ill see if the additave will help. i dont think the rings would be worn or bad. mabye need a little of that additave up in there to help seal it and mabye itll seal for good..?
  14. Also how could I check/adjust the valves and where can I get all the torque specs for rebuilding the top end? Thanks
  15. Ok thank you, that is one possibility that I haven't thought of, but it smells like oil burning off. And I have to fill up the oil after a day ride.

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