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  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum!! Anyways my husband left it up to me to buy my own chain and sprocket. So i want to hear from people on what your thoughts are on best brand and best metal for sprocket(aluminum/steel/etc..) If it matters to you I have and 01 Honda TRX 400EX. Tell me your thoughts please!!! I really need to order these tonight!!
  2. Well my husband did adjust the valves, but i am thinking thats where the sound is coming from. As for the howling, it doesnt make that sound its just the phone we took the vid with that made it sound that bad. Thanks all for the input so far :-)
  3. we never did anything with the crankshaft besides check for up and down play and the spec honda gives in the manual, husband used the same big bore brand in his kfx without balancing and everything went together good without issues. I just want to get some opinions so I can drive with my husband before summer is over. If need be he said he will pull the motor apart and put a new wiseco crank in.
  4. Ok so i got a 01 400 ex that I bought on ebay with a bad top end (bent and broken valves, busted piston the head was seriously messed up). So we got a different head(used) it was fine but needed two new valves so we got those and lapped them in then transfered the springs and stuff over to the new head. We also got a big bore kit(new) and different cam (used). Put it all together and it had a tick(sounds like its coming from top end), figured it was timing chain so we bought a new one and replaced it. Well now it does the same thing, constant ticking. Anyone have any idea what it could be. Heres a youtube vid with sound of my quad with the tick. Any input/help would be great!! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LX4yknIlc_Y]YouTube - ‪400ex knocking?‬‏[/ame] Thanks
  5. A Fox Riot? Really wow their like crazy expensive, especially for me now cause of all the parts i bought for my quad. On that note the head i got to replace my bad one has a bent valve :-(
  6. I was looking at Fox and Oneal helmets but i guess it dont matter so much the brand as long as its dependable and dot approved. Its more the color, size, and the price. I want either a multi neon colored and black helmet or a yellow pink and black helmet. I love the Fox riots but i cant afford $300+ for a helmet. Im going for $100 max. So far all the helmets for that price arent my size. I need like a medium or large, just depends on the brands sizing. I got a huge head for a women lol
  7. Went on Rocky Mountain Atv and you guys are right lower prices but still can't find the helmet Im looking for (i'm such a girl lol). Anyways I got a chest protector off ebay (well 3 of them haha) so im good their, but im wondering will I need a kidney belt? Im unsure of how necessary it will be? I will be doing Harescrambles but not til next year im thinking. Will i need it to practice? Im so lost on this whole riding gear stuff. Ughh safety safety
  8. Im looking for websites that have low priced gear (helmets,goggles,gloves etc etc) Ive been on a bunch of sites already but everything seems crazy in price and since im new to actually riding hard enough to need gear I dont wanna spend alot. Already looked on Ebay. So does anyone know of any other sites? So sorry if i posted in the wrong forum or if anyone else has posted this somewhere.
  9. The back plastic is the aftermarket stuff im gonna keep, i don't want to use the stock plastic(front). As soon as everythings put together I will add a new pic. But this is how it looked the day we picked it up.
  10. Well Im gonna start doing harescrambles on my quad, never did anything like it before so I never needed gear for it. Ive rode casual before and never wore any gear, i know i know I should of still worn some sort of protection... So Im gonna start with a helmet and chest protector. Im sure I can use most helmets but im worried about finding a chest protector. Im a lil bigger then average even tho Im losing weight and trying to get in shape for racing. So what do i do for a chest protector, do i go for only ladies or does it matter if I get a mens chest protector? I do have a wide chest so I worry if a ladies will fit me right or not. Every place I go in the area only carry mens so its hard for me to try a ladies on and im most likely gonna order it online cause its cheaper then ordering from the stores in my area. So any opinions? What has worked for you what hasnt? Any info would be great!! Thanks

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