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  2. I would LOVE to know more about it to. He traded it with a friend & we didnt know the one part was broke. All we know is its a knock off 4 wheeler with a suzuki engine in it. That's all we know, kind of pissed because if his friend knew something was wrong with it he should of traded it! So now we have nothing but issues trying to find the gear box. Its kind of stupid to how the set it up having it near the chain. We might just try to do with out the reverse box though if we cant come to conclusion and do it away with that.
  3. I already posted on here, but it seems like NO ONE helps!ARG My boyfriend has a 2005 Baja 300cc Extreme with a suzuki engine in it. The reverse gear box is cracked & we need a new one. But we are having trouble finding it. Is there anyone who knows where to go to look for it or know about it? I would really appreciate your help! Thank You Theresa.
  4. Hello. My boyfriend just got a 2005 Baja 300 extreme. But the reverse gear case has a crack in it. We been looking for a way to fix it but can't find a the part? Any ideas so I can let him know? I looked on their website & they got NOTHING to do with what im looking for.

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