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  2. i think i will be okay modifying it considering i have a flojet at work and a mill that we can use easily....my concern is the difference in size of diameter of the actual intake manifold it is smaller then the new carb's.....that cant be made bigger since it is curved and not straight....is that an issue ?
  3. oh and is it okay if the hole on the new carb is slightly larger than the diameter of the intake pipe?
  4. i think that might work but where does the adapter go? on the bottom of the intake pipe or on the top of it ?
  5. the new one is on it but it does not have that black gasket i think it needs from in between the old one and the intake pipe. the diameter of the new is is bigger than the hole on the intake pipe but i dont think it will mess anything up? im just learning right now. it was given to me for free and it just needs a new carb and battery and spark plugs and an oil change. but with the gasket on the new one it definetly will not fit there.
  6. the new carb looks gigantic compared to the old one but it said on the ebay add that it was for a 110cc atv engine. hold on i will try to get some pics now.
  7. Kazuma Falcon 110cc not sure what year but it is semi auto and i just bought this carb (MIKUNI Atv Quad Performance Carburetor Parts 50 70 90cc 110cc | eBay ) and with the black gasket from between the old carb and the intake manifold. i'm not sure if it is just completely wrong in size or if it can be made to fit the intake or if i should bend the intake pipe that goes to the engine from the carb. Any ideas or help on this one ? i could really use it i put the link from the ebay site i bought it from.

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