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  2. Hi everyone im new to the site and just picked up a trailblazer for a second atv. The problem i am having is that it seems to idle rough sometimes, and the mid range throttle seems to bog out but then later clears itself. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have had the carb off and cleaned it out. When cold starting it also takes a bit for it idle on its own. Also the previous owner installed a k&n filter on it. Stock pipe and jetting as far as I know. I dont know if that filter will cause problems. Also where should I start setting the idle mixture screw? I believe it is set at about 2.5 turns out from seated when I checked and cleaned the carb. What should it be around? I just changed the throttle cable and is there a specific way to set the oil pump cable? I didnt see any alignment marks on the pump. Does it just start adjusting from the stop of the oil pump or is there alignment marks to line up? Sorry for the long post, I have a Honda and not too familiar with the Polaris machines yet. Thanks in advance.

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