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  2. nah i dont have a manual im trying to adjust the carb but not having much luck.. in your opinion does it seem to not be getting enough gas or air? Or i was wondering if it could be electrical issue like maybe coil wont keep up.. thanks for ur reply bud
  3. thanks for reply bud!!!! well i took carb apart again and cleaned again and replaced plug plug wire aq nd plug boot now it cranks everytime and idles great infact i let it idle in shop last night for 2 hrs and it never shut off!!! olny problem now is it wont rev high rpm it wants to stall everytime u gas it i might need to adjust fuel air mixture on carb any ideas on that again yhanks for ur reply yall rock
  4. my buddy gave me a kazua falcon 90 that he had let sit for 2 years. i cleaned fuel systems took apart and cleaned carb ,ohmed out all wires, safties, cdi, etc... it is so inconsistant its weird. sometimes it will crank good idle good and run till it warms up and then die and not start back up. sometimes it wont even start. sometimes it will crank but not idle good for nothing.. sometimes it wont crank or do anything... also the carb seems to have no response to any adjustments. olny thing is i have not replaced the plug.. ps thank for lettin me be a member yalls site kicks ass my kids and i are just getting in to wheeling so i hope to have a big one for myself soon an help would be appreciated thanks

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