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  2. So who ever has the balls to put down some $ on their stock XX I will go get a stock raptor and we will take it to a strip and switch riders... Or if you wanna do it for fun thats cool to
  3. Also same tires VS same tires one atv (If it weighs more) will be affected differently. IT COULD be for better or worse... Heavy would hook up on dirt better and get out quicker? BUT On concrete that is 100% flat AKA a good drag strip is the TRUE test.
  4. Stock vs stock on what? This is stupid... Are we talking sand, dirt, uphill, downhill or concrete WTF? The only way a 700XX would beat a 700 raptor (Both stock) would be down a steep hill were the EXTRA 90 LBS would come in on the XX... So if you ride downhill all the time hmm might be a good choice.. Like my grandpa always said... "When I was a kid we walked to school uphill in 4 foot of snow both ways" Thats BS And we all know that we don't ride downhill all the time.
  5. I much prefer acceleration/handling over top speed... But if we are comparing top speed of the raptor/XX I know the raptor will go 82 in the conditions I stated above. Far as handling/jumping I can't compare. Drag racing on the other hand...
  6. I guess there is no way to prove it but a 100% stock raptor with the right air pressure in the tires on concrete 100% flat surface...
  7. Yes, I tour around all over MI... Yes, That would be cool you should ride my project bike so you can keep up...
  8. Yes, And thank you... I loved the raptors from the start. And became abscessed with them once after market companies started manufacturing parts for them.
  9. ^ Really? Thats weird... Considering the 700R (Stock) On a concrete drag strip @ 2000FT will go 82...

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