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  2. ^ nope! Try again < really wants to take tomorrow off work V looking forward to the weekend -Posted with my iPhone.
  3. ^ is correct < bored at work, slow day v is drinking a beverage -Posted with my iPhone.
  4. Got my eye on a 2011 Polaris sportsman 500 HO My brother has the 2010 and it's awesome, only difference withthe 2011 is different front rack for ether driver visibilty and the rad is higher up. The 2012's just came out so the 11's are going cheap -Posted with my iPhone.
  5. The price in te ad was lowered to 4,300 so I'll go back and offer 3,800 hoping he comes back with an even 4,000. But it all depends if the bank will loan me 3 grand lol -Posted with my iPhone.
  6. Nope. Not yet. There's a few in the area, a redcarbon special edition just popped up or sale. Gonna look at both and see which one looks better. -Posted with my iPhone.
  7. Haha well I've never ridden a sport quad so I guess anything would be awesome -Posted with my iPhone.

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